tisdag 11 februari 2014

The Passion Flower Massacre - Creative Connector

Matilda doesn't realize that she’s dangerously involved in a religious cult, and she’s being brainwashed and drugged in preparation for a mass suicide, planned by the leader Peter who’s mentally ill. He's going to burn all of them alive, because he believes it will save their souls for God. Matilda gets out alive but gets badly injured and she almost dies of third-degree burns and internal injuries, from which she never completely recovers from.  Her mom, the little old woman, is planning to kill Peter as revenge right after he gets out from prison. Matilda’s mom takes care of Peter the last couple of months in prison. When he finally gets out she takes him for a ride in her extraordinary car and she kills them both by driving down a cliff. She finally gets her revenge.

I can connect this book with the TV-serie Revenge where Amanda Clarke who has a fake name, Emily Thorne, plans to murder the president who killed her father in a planned terrorist attack. Afterwards he blames Amanda’s father, David Clarke, for the attack. Her father was a good man and she desperately tries to reveal Victoria and Conrad Greyson. The married couple have made a reputation for her father as a terrorist and now Amanda’s out for revenge.

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