måndag 31 mars 2014

From Tain

Hi you who open this letter!

The year is 2099 and I, Tain, live on the Island of Wing which in a couple of hours will be under water. I will no longer exist. Such a sad story, don’t you think? I write this letter because this is my last chance to make a change among people when it comes to global warming. I suppose this letter will be by sea for a while after I’ve written this. I will just take a guess and say that on the day you open this the year is 2110, eleven years from now. Too bad I will never know if my guess is right. If I am, it would be a big coincidence, wouldn’t it? 

As I said, our Island soon’s going to be under water and all the adults and children just sailed away and left us old people her to drown. They are on their way to the giant cities built high above the rising seas! Hopefully Mother Earth’s still alive when someone reads this. According to my researches as a scientist the earth’s facing a grave problem. Even if we totally stop sending out greenhouse gases in the atmosphere it’s to late to stop the ice-caps melting in the north. Hopefully the new cites will make it through and start to take care of our wonderful earth. What I would like to say to you is; if nothing has been done when you read this you will have to take a big initiative and start to change people! You will die and so will our earth if nothing changes! I’m dying and a young cleaver girl, Mara, just left this Island. I’ve prayed to God and done everything I can do, but I’m not sure if she’s going to survive if no one stops this terrifying crime. Extinction is already a huge problem our society is facing and soon all species will be extinct and this including the human being. I write this because this special girl has to live, she has to have a future ahead of here. It would be selfish if I didn’t help her. I know the chances that this letter will make any change are kind of small, but I will never lose hope. When I think about what we’re doing to our earth I get numb. Now it’s up to you, stop what we are doing! Die or live? I would’ve chosen to live. 

From Tain 

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