torsdag 22 september 2011

Mail to my best Sarah

Hi my best Sarah!
I’m so excited! My mum and dad just told me that we are going to move to London! Isn’t it amazing? Mum just got a job there as a designer and she couldn’t say no to it. We can go to Piccadilly Circus together! My biggest dream!
But a bad news also exists! I also have to leave the gang. Not fun at all actually. 
It’s seems great to train volleyball and Karen and Joe seems great too! I remember when we were little. We played volleyball on the PE and you failed all the time. Antony always tries to make you happy. In first grade he did it to. He realised that you just sucked, so he gave up. Don’t you remember?
You know Sara and Antony! They are together! Always so cute together. Antony sent Sara a message on the Spanish class and asked her! Just like in first grade. Isn’t it?
We won our Idol on school! Me and Jessica! We got € 100! I decided to save them until I move to London. We can go shopping and stuffs like that! Once again, i’m so excited!
I just realised that you birthday is tomorrow! I will make a cake to you when we meet again! My life is just a pain without you! See you soon my favourite friend! I love you.
Only your Jen.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Good work! It was fun with that birthday.

  2. Very nice letter! Good content and fluency!
    Lovely picture! You can use it as a "proof" in Home Economics that you can bake!

    (By the way: Nice new lay out in your blog!)

    en nyhet = one piece of news
    ..Karen and Joe seem great...
    ...volleyball during PE.. (prepositionen)
    ...he did it too... (stavning)
    ... in Spanish class... (prepositionen)
    ... Idol in school.. (prepositionen)
    ...and stuff like that... (stuff är pluralform)
    ...your birthday... (formen)